Terms and Conditions

WEVENTS PROD Terms & Conditions May Apply

1 General conditions

1.1 WEVENTS PROD will not refund any product for any reason except if the event is canceled. Please note that a commission around 2.5 % of the price of the purchased product can be retained by the organizer if a fee is charged by the ticketing agency to make repayments.

1.2 WEVENTS PROD may change the date and place of the event. No refund will be made if it’s the case. WEVENTS PROD is not responsible for transportation and hotels costs in case the event is canceled or rescheduled.

1.3 WEVENTS PROD reserves the right to change the hours for the photo, auto and Private Lounge sessions or to change or add any products if circumstances require.

1.4 Guests may cancel their appearance to the event for professional reasons. No refund for your pass will be made if it’s the case. However we will propose either to exchange you extras for the guest remplacement or a credit note (voucher) to use at the convention venue or a refund of your extras under the presentation of the unused ticket.

1.5 WEVENTS PROD may refuse the access to the event, without any refund, to anyone who doesn’t respect the guests, the WEVENTS PROD team, the other attendees or the rules.

1.6 The access to the event won’t be allowed to minors of 10 years old

1.7 Animals won’t be allowed to the event

1.8 All attendees authorize WEVENTS PROD and their partners to use their image, film or photograph during the event, to be used for commercial or promotional purpose

1.9 WEVENTS PROD decline responsibility in case of robbery or loss of your belongings

1.10 WEVENTS PROD assumes no responsibility for any comments or actions taken by the Guests or Staff members who act on their own initiative

2 Products and order

2.1 Each pass is nominative and the pass is non-transferable or refundable. Any extra modification is possible subject to availability and any modification will have a 5€ fee.

2.2 Buying extra products (photoshoot, autograph, Private Lounge) is only available for pass holders. No refund will be possible if the buyer doesn’t own a pass.

2.3 Once your order is complete, through online ticket booth, it is necessary to print all your purchases (eticket in pdf sent in your email), these etickets are absolutely necessary to enter the event and use your autographs/photoshoots/Private Lounge.

2.4 Your placement at the venue depends on the purchase date (the seat number will be communicated the day of the event). To be seated side by side the purchase of the passes must be done on the same order.

2.5 You may get your bracelet pass and additional tickets the day of the event

3 Payments conditions

We offer payment in 2, 3 or 5 installments (depending on the purchased pass). However, any sum not paid on its due date will automatically produce the payment of a lump sum payment of 10 euros due as a penalty for late payment if the order is not cancelled. We accept the following form of payment

3.1 Debit Card through online ticketing. Please note that a 2.5% service fee will be charged per ticket for payment processing fees by credit card and for editing the e-ticket.

3.2 Wire Transfer payment (bank fees will be borne by the buyer) : Send an email to billetterie.wevents@gmail.com , object : wire transfer payment with the following information : First and last name, type of pass wanted and email address. Further instructions will be then sent to you. NB : Payment by wire transfer are considered optional; the seat number will be registered only after the transfer is received

4 Photoshoot/ Autograph/ Private Lounge

4.1 A photoshoots ticket only allows one single person to take a picture with the guest. In case you want to be photographed with the guest and other persons, each person has to hold a photoshoots ticket. Please note that a photoshoot is a picture of you and the guest taken by a professional photographer.
NB : If you want to have a hug with a guest you must ask for a hug pose. You can’t ask for a hug before or after the phto op you will only have a hug pose. You can’t ask to be carried or ask to carry a guest. An accident can happen quickly. It’s forbidden to ask to be kissed by a guest or try to kiss a guest. The selfie pose with a phone is forbidden. Our photographer can do a selfie pose with his camera.

4.2 All Photo Ops will be printed and available for collection by the end of the event; this is by the end of the closing ceremony. If you fail to collect your photo we are not obligated to send these to you; if we should offer to send these there will be a P&P charge that must be paid.

4.3 An autograph ticket only gives you one single signature from the guest. NB: objects to be signed have to be official (DVD, poster, book…)

4.4 Calls for photoshoots and autograph session will be made according to the type of pass and number.

4.5 A Private Lounge is a special moment spent with the guest, it lasts 30 min (20 people top per meeting).

4.6 Photo and video cameras, and audio recorders are strictly forbidden during photoshoots, autograph sessions and meetings.

4.7 WEVENTS PROD is not responsible if guests decide not to deliver autographs or take photos. No refund will be made.

4.8 Gifts for the guests will only be given during autograph sessions.

4.9 A guest may appear only one of the two day during the event or part of the day

5 Panels, Questions & Answering

5.1 Every type of camera is allowed during conferences. Flashes are only permitted during the first 15 minutes of each conference.

5.2 A professional translator and moderator will be there during each Q&A. Any purchase implies that the buyer and the attendee accept the terms and conditions of sale mentioned above.